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Thank you for your interest in Pine Bluff Truck Driving School there are several options you can choose from when considering our school. Check out the different options and let PBTDS help you get started in an exciting new career today!

# 1 Total cost of tuition $3750.00

Pay in full all of your fee’s are included in tuition.

We will finance:

   A: 700 or above $500.00 down, pay the rest $150.00 mthly with no interest.

   B: 600 -700 $1000.00 down, pay the rest $150.00 mthly with no interest.

   C: 500-600 $1500.00 down, pay the rest $150.00 mthly with no interest.

   D: Below 500 will not finance.

We will accept co-signer with good credit. 


 # 2 Tuition  Reimbursement  by Companies:

All companies that we train for are OTR. Most of the companies have student reimbursement.


# 3  Government  Assistance:

                                       (Call us for agency closest to you)

 AHDC- A program for any person who has been employed any time during the last two years as a seasonal farm worker. Some of the jobs considered farm work are driving tractors, ginning cotton, planting crops, poultry and live hang, caring for livestock, planting and picking fruit and vegetables, and many more.

WIA-This is for any person that qualifies to draw unemployment benefits or is on government assistance programs.

Dislocated Worker TAA- This is a program for people who lost their jobs due to their plant closing or down sizing the number of employees they have.

Veterans Rehab This is a program for any veteran that served in the Armed Forces and has a least a 10% disability.

Arkansas Rehab- This is a program for any person that has a disability or that has had a injury requiring medical treatment and provide the required documents to the caseworker from their attending physician showing the injury and treatment.

GI Bill- This program would pay partial payment to the student after graduation.

Please contact PBTDS if you think you would qualify for any of the above programs and we will direct you to the proper program director. The programs usually take 2 or 3 weeks to complete all of the paperwork. Please keep us informed on who your caseworker is. PBTDS will assist you in any way we can.